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Learning more about Dr Fan, the methodology and what I can do to improve your health conditions. Please joint and attend to an acupuncture Information Seminar.

Phone: 804-937-6738

Dr. Yan Fan is a Certified and Licensed of Acupuncture in Richmond Virginia and New York. He is a fourth generation Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has hold a master’s Degree of Acupuncture. He has 30 years of experience practicing in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He worked in South China of famous hospitals of LiuZhou City of GuangXI province about 12 years. In 1995, he coming to the U.S.A.  For improving English and Communication with patient be taken 3 years similar professional class in English in College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of New York and gain Master Degree in Acupuncture (English Course)

In China, Dr. Fan commonly treated around 30 patients each day, 5 days a week. He has worked with and successfully treated a vast variety of disorders, which include:   

.Carpal tunnel syndrome

 Shoulder pain

 Frozen shoulder

 Knee pain

 Bulge discs


 Depression and Anxiety

 Bell's palsy

 Erectile dysfunction

 Low libido/sex drive

 Menstrual cramps/PMS symptoms


Prostate Enlargement

Stress Incontinence


Heart/Cardiovascular Disorders


Raynaud's syndrome

... &  more!

Dr. Fan has strong medical genes. He is very interested in and enjoys working with challenging case. He has a strong faith and confidence in his knowledge and experience. Dr. Fan believes he and acupuncture can be a helpful, natural alternative or complement to your health care regimen. His knowledge and skills may even be able to help you avoid a surgery. Dr. Fan has helped many patients achieved their health goals.

Phone: 804-937-6738




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