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Shoulder Pain


On a recent trip to Richmond (my hometown), I woke up one morning with a little stiffness and soreness in my shoulder.  I did some stretches to loosen it up, but later that day the pain got worse.  By mid-day, I could not lift my arm any more than about four inches from my side without intense pain in my shoulder, shoulder blade, and upper arm.  I am generally a very health-conscious, physically-fit person, and I could not recall doing anything to injure my shoulder.  The situation was particularly disturbing because I have never had a part of my body suddenly be rendered disabled for no apparent reason.

Throughout the day, I massaged my shoulder and arm, but that did nothing to lessen the pain or increase my mobility.  I started to think this may be a rotator cuff injury.  Several people I know, including family members and friends, have had rotator cuff surgery and the type of pain I was having seemed similar to what they had experienced before they had the surgery.  After talking about my problem with a good friend and my brother, I was almost fully convinced that it was a rotator cuff issue, and that I was going to need surgery.   A sense of panic set in as I considered the long, painful rehabilitation process that typically follows this type of surgery and by the end of the day, I was beside myself with distress.

Then it dawned on me:  Why not give Yan a try?  His therapy has had miraculous results for many of my family members.   I gave him a call and  he was able to see me the next day.  

After hearing me describe the problem I was having with my arm and shoulder, and seeing the limited range of motion I had, Yan's first words to me were, "You don't need surgery. I can fix that."  While hearing that was a relief, I have to confess that at this point, Yan was more confident than I was about whether or not he would be able to fix my problem.  But after my first acupuncture treatment, my doubt gave way to optimism, and I knew I had made the right decision to seek his help.  As a result of that first session alone, the range of motion in my arm doubled!

With Yan's advice, I scheduled two more sessions with him (one for each day I had before I would be making the trip back to New York).    

The results of the next two sessions with Yan were equally as amazing as the first.  After my second treatment, the range of motion in my arm doubled again, and after the third treatment, I was able lift my arm (in a fully-extended position) completely over my head, without pain.  I have had acupuncture  before, but none that were able to produce such dramatic results.
The next day, I drove the 500+ mile trip back home without pain, and since then, I have had no problem with my shoulder.  Almost immediately upon my return, I worked nearly a whole week (averaging 5-6 hours per day) doing heavy yard work to weed, prepare, and replant my gardens, and to Yan's credit, did not experience any pain or problems with my shoulder.

Thank you, Yan!

Ann Reis
Albany, NY


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