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Approximately two years ago, I suddenly began to experience back pain.  It worsened for several days, and I made an appointment with my family doctor.  He prescribed pain pills, which made the pain a bit more manageable, but did not solve the problem.  Later, the pain started radiating down to my leg and into my feet - it became unbearable.  I was unable to work, navigate stairs, or perform any of my normal activities.  My family doctor sent me to a specialist, who gave me several cortisone shots.  The shots provided a bit of relief, but after a short period of time, the severe pain returned. 

I was given an MRI and then sent to a surgeon, who recommended back surgery to correct the problem.  I was ready to schedule the surgery when my son told me about Yan Fan.  Yan had helped a friend of his overcome back problems, so I jumped on the opportunity to try an alternative to surgery.


After the first session, I began to feel a bit of improvement.  I continued with the acupuncture with Yan treat me for 10 sessions,  My back pain went away, and five years later, I am still working, functioning normally, and enjoying life, without back surgery. 


I really appreciate Yan  Fan and his holistic approach to healing to the body without surgery.  


Thank you,  Yan, for helping restore me to health!!


Jamie N.  


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