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Over one year ago, I experienced a series of deaths. My four good friends passed way within three months. This happens very senddenly,and was very difficult to deal with. Darkness permeated within my being. I was sad. I didn’t want to leave the house. I lost my happiness.


I went to Florida, hoping to find a glimmer of happiness with sun, sea and warmth, I thought it would make me happy again.  but it did not.  With little energy to complete day-to-day expectations, I wondered if I would ever be “me” again.This emotional pain was overwhelming, especially upon waking. symptons lasted eight months and never got better.


Dr. Deborah Febish recommened acupuncture and referre me to Yan Fan. Yan came to my home for my first appointment. I didn’t know what to expect and don’t like needles,  so I was anxious about this session.


He proceeded to interview me and examine me and determined immediately that in addition to my complaints, I had a nervous stomach. I thought this interesting, as I never mentioned my stomach. I wasn’t able to eat normally, had lost weight, and developed bowel issues. Additionally, I had insomnia.


After my first session I was able to sleep and experienced calmness. I couldn’t believe how good I felt, even though I was still grieving. With this new feeling of hope, I moved forward on my wellness journey by continuing with volunteer work, attending Mass more often,  and getting out of the house.  After about six treatment sessions,  my depression slowly lifted and I became more hopeful and energized. 


I believe that acupuncture is a powerful tool for a healthy life. I feel strongly that meeting Dr.Fan who is a best acupuncturist Richmond Va and having an open mind to try acupuncture was the bridge that facilitated my healing on many levels.

Teresa Adele Bettino


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