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Automobile Accident Injury


Dear Dr. Fan,

This letter is being sent to tell you how much your acupuncture treatments have helped me.  I was in a bad automobile accident on september 21, 2012.   My doctor had x-rays taken and gave me instructions for exercises.   I was also sent to physical therapy for several months.  The constant pain was still there and I could not live a normal life due to the pain.

At the end of august 2013 my friend, Nancy, suggested for me to go and get an acupuncture treatment from you.  After the first treatment I was able to turn my head without pain and the pain in my left leg and foot was gone for the first time since the accident.

The following month I had another treatment due to the pain in my foot returning some times.  After that second treatment I slowly returned to my normal life.  I was able to go back to exercising at the gym in December 2013.   As of April 2014 my life is pain free and I am very thankful that I received treatment from you who is best acupuncturist in Richmond VA.

Thank you,

Mary Lou Moore 


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