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Motorcycle Accident Injury


My name is Pat Day and this is what happened to me.

After having been in a near-life-threatening motorcycle accident, I was left with daily pain. This happened on Jan.1, 2000. With extensive nerve damage and broken bones, It was necessary to have a titanium rod put in my right leg.
This past summer I was in my backyard with granddaughter when my right knee popped and I could barely walk. For several weeks after this I struggled to walk and sometimes had to crawl to get around.
I tried heat and then ice but had to stay off my feet most of the time. About three months later it was suggested that Yan work on my knee.  Amazingly after only two sessions the pain was completely gone!
I have not had any problems since. I am truly grateful that Dr. Fan was there to help. Dr.Fan who is best acupuncurist in Richmond Va.
Pat Day                                    
6008 Rois Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23227
April 16,2014

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